Join Wendys Talent Agency

Basic requirements to be a member of our agency:

  • Must have at least 5 years experience in theater, film or presenting or alternatively training or a tertiary institution qualification in film, theater, acting or media studies. Being an extra is not experience.
  • Must have contactable references for your training, credits and experience.
  • MUST BE WILLING & ABLE TO GO TO AUDITIONS AND SHOOTS DURING OFFICE HOURS. Attending auditions is part of an actors / performers job.
  • Must have a neat and presentable look.
  • Must be able to speak and understand English, more languages is to your advantage as language and speach is part and parcel of an actor / artists arsenal.
  • Must have a tax number.
  • No gold teeth or people with missing teeth.
  • Must reside in Gauteng, Cape Town or Durban.
  • Must have a good knowledge of the public transport system or have reliable transport and know how to read a map or use a map program or app like Google Maps.
  • Must have self-confidence and a good self-image.
  • Must have flexible time to attend shoots and auditions.
  • Must be punctual, you are not allowed to arrive late for any shoots or auditions. Time is money.
  • Must be reliable and honest.
  • You may not be with any other agency when joining Wendys. If you are, you need to resign with immediate affect of signing with Wendys Talent Agency.
  • Must keep us updated with change in hairstyles and look with new and regular photo shoots and portfolio updates.

JHB & DBN based actors email  and CPT based actors email  at least 3 professional photos of yourself consisting of one head shot and half body shot, a New Recruit Resume (download in word and transcribe your resume to this document) that include the city you live in, your name, telephone number, age, training, credits and contactable references.  If you are suitable and can be an asset to our team we will contact you for an audition interview with a monologue. We will advise after this interview if we will be signing you or not. If you have not heard back from us in 7 working days from submitting your relevant documents and photos, it means you do not fit the profile we are looking for.

You are required to have a professional portfolio (photos) done within 30 days of signing with us and this portfolio need to be updated every 6 months. You are welcome to use a photographer of your choice but we will recommend one if your photos are not up to our standards. This is at your own cost.

At Wendys Talent Agency we only represent professional performers that we can develop into leading roles:

Actors & Presenters
Acting or Presenting is a highly specialized area with a strict criterion.  Including formal training or qualification(s) from a tertiary institution.  Along with a professional acting CV containing recent credits and experience. They are also required to have professional photos and a show reel, all at the artist or actor's own cost.  Monologues need to be prepared for the acceptance interview.

Children (from the age of 4+) & Teenagers with some form of performance background may still apply and will be evaluated at the interview. They need to have done some form of poetry, public speaking, theatre or performance at a school level. Certificates from Arts & Cultural festival need to be presented.

Marketing Material
If you are a professional actor or have special skill etc. bring an entertainment CV, professional portfolio, biography, videos etc. on a CD to your audition interview.  This may be used to promote you and to build up a portfolio for you as a professional performer.  It is important that you supply us with all relevant material to your experience.

Please bear in mind that in the instance that you do not have a qualification in any particular art or motion field, a portfolio of any work that you have done must be submitted to us and we should be updated of new projects and work. Or if by any chance there are skits, vlogs or podcasts which you have previously done; those could come in handy when it comes to sassing out what your potential is within the industry or whether we want to gauge how marketable you may be and if at all we can possibly put you through for particular roles or if you could handle more than the scope you have been exposed to. This information and material assists in helping us help you.

If you live in Johannesburg and you are not a professional please contact and she may e able to represent you.

If you are a film crew member please contact or if you are still fresh out of grad school and a rookie needing some experience contact


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